2019-2020 Workshops

                                                                                                                                                                        OCTOBER 2019 on the Outer Cape

Intrepid Landscape Sketching: The Quick Sketch on the Outer Cape Saturday & Sunday October 26th & 27th 9am-4pm


Traveling light we can hike further afield to sketch the Outer Cape’s hidden treasures in Truro, Wellfleet and Provincetown. Nestled in dunes, tucked into marshland and perched on clifftops with views of the open ocean we will create quick reactive field studies in water-based media with guidance in value, color, composition and space. Mindful connection to one’s experience in the field will enhance and liberate the artistic process and allow greater presence in nature.

Students of all levels are welcome. Space is limited. (Fee: $500)

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com


NOVEMBER 2019 in ‘lil Rhody Studio

Painting From Photographs: Simplicity & Expressive Color Saturday & Sunday November 16th & 17th 9am-4pm

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 1.44.30 PM.png

Artists have used the photograph as reference material for their paintings and drawings since the invention of the camera. The challenge is how to go beyond just replicating the photograph. How to simplify by choosing what include and what to leave out? How to maintain the freshness and simplicity that we get working directly from life? Choosing subject matter inspiring to each artist, we will work on a series of paintings inspired from your own photographs. Exercises will include scaling up an image, projection, strengthening compositional choices, abstraction vs realism, time frames, simplification and palette choices. Artists are welcome to work in any media including: oil, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and or collage. 

Students of all levels are welcome. Space is limited. (Fee: $400)

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com


JANUARY 2020 in lil’ Rhody Studio

Collage as Muse. Color. Simplification. Abstraction Saturday & Sunday January 25th & 26th 9am-4pm


Moving beyond representational image making can be daunting. This workshop will provide liberating strategies to help evolve your work particularly if you have reached the point of “now what?”. Through a series of drawing and collage exercises we will experiment, pushing beyond habitual image making, exploring new fearless options for picture making in any medium. This exploratory workshop will deepen your artistic process and reveal new directions and inspirations. All levels of experience welcome. To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com (Fee: $400.     Includes some materials.) Location: Pawtucket, RI Studio

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com


FEBRUARY 2020 in lil’ Rhody Studio Sourcing Creative Power: Drawing & Meditation Saturday & Sunday February 22nd & 23rd 9am-4pm


Drawing can be a catalyst for discovering our authentic direction as artists. The speed of society can make it difficult to slow down and discover what our creative truth is. This course will teach basic meditation techniques and investigate of how artists use contemplative methods to deepen their practice. In response to contemporary themes relevant to our human condition, drawings will be generated through experimental mark making, drawing to sound, intuitive drawing, drawing from memory, poetry, sensory connection and kinesthetic image making. The integration of drawing and meditation will lead to a meaningful body of work and build a sustainable creative practice for a lifetime. Exploring with a wide range of materials, this course is suitable for all levels of experience. (Fee: $400)

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com

March 2020 in lil’ Rhody Studio Working on a Series: Maximizing Your Muse. Saturday & Sunday March 7th & 8th

IMG_2601 copy.jpg

Many artists wish they could just latch onto an inspiring subject matter and run with it, making dozens of paintings and drawings with reckless abandon. This is nice work if you can get it. Instead, what often happens is we get stuck with the “One Hit Wonder” and once we create that we are thrown out into the vast abyss searching for a new spark to build our momentum again. Sometimes the next muse we find has nothing to do with what we just created. This can leave us feeling disjointed and confused. This is the beauty of the series.  In this workshop we will experiment with materials and techniques that inspire multiple related images. Sourcing authentic content, material decisions, variations, color schemes, simplification and collage, each artist will begin a series which will extend beyond the workshop and inspire future momentum. This course is suitable for all levels of experience. FEE: $400

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com


APRIL 2020 in lil Rhody Studio Composite Image Making: Multiple Figure Narratives Saturday & Sunday April 4th & 5th 9am-4pm


Using a 100 year old lace mill as a backdrop, artists will create preliminary drawings of a clothed model posing in historic industrial interiors. Techniques will be introduced for connecting these images to create imagined spaces. Using sketches and photographic reference, larger composite drawings will emerge creating the illusion of multiple figures within an industrial interior. Addressing temporality, memory, the psychology of space, experimentation, layering, collage and scale will enrich these narratives.  Suitable for all levels of experience. FEE: $450 (includes model)

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com


MAY 2020 in The Berkshires at The Snow Farm


May 9th & 10th Drawing Into Painting

May 11th-16th Road Scholar Program
https://snowfarm.org for more information.

ITALIA 2020!!! SAVE the DATE!!! Saturday May 30th - Saturday June 6th Painting & Sketching Colorful Topographies  The Maremma: Southern Tuscany  


Ancient Italian vistas including 13th Century Ruins, the 11th Century agriturismo Pieve di Caminino with her Olive Groves & Cork Forests, Rolling Fields, Vineyards & nearby Medieval Hill Towns will inspire our imagery. Instruction will focus on the expressive interpretation of the landscape of beautiful Southern Tuscany. On location, artists will travel light, experimenting on paper with portable media such as pen & ink, pencil, conte, watercolor & gouache. 

Emphasis will be on creating multiple, simplified studies organically integrating the fleeting light and evolving color of each location. In the studio, visual data collected outdoors will inspire further work in a choice of media.
Yoga & Meditation will deepen a connection to the beauty of the Maremma and liberate the artistic process. All levels of experience welcome.

Contact Amy to hold your spot for 2020.

To register: amyelizabethwynne11@gmail.com



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