Artist's Statement

Amy Wynne: Artist Statement

The meditative ritual of hiking in Cape Cod, New England and Southern Tuscany over the years has generated a deep physical connection to their topographies and is integral to my process as an artist. The essential experience of moving through the land manifests as echoes of sensorial memories of color, time and dynamic space in my imagery.

Drawing and painting plein air keeps my process fresh, recharges my color perception and keeps me in the moment, continually addressing my relationship to the elements. Fleeting light and atmospheric shifts demand a humble surrender to process, a constant lesson in taking a more panoramic view. This process of seeing and collecting sketches and visual data outdoors insures a liberated studio practice.

Painting can be a catalyst for reconnecting people with a spirit of place and reawakening enthusiasm for their physical environment. I strive to present a vision of the environment that transcends its physical appearance and communicates the unity of nature and the human spirit.

Being an artist means behaving as an inspired human being, embodying a creative spark and sharing this with others. I try to translate the richness I see in my world into authentically felt paintings, hoping to create a re-enchantment with nature at a time when there is an urgent need for a renewed reverence for the land.