Ritual: Full Circle

My first BLOG from a year ago today. 

At the start of a new year, I always feel a primordial drive to make fresh start. Activate a good habit. This year I am starting a weekly BLOG:

Meanderings on Process and Creativity.

The blog will be an opportunity to reflect and perhaps deepen my connection with my own perspective on process as well as hopefully sparking some inspiration. This is my offering.

In this first week of 2015, I am thinking about RITUAL. Rituals are structures that house our inspirations and aspirations. Just coming out of a season of rituals, I am contemplating the personal rituals that we develop over time that help us maintain our artistic practice. Returning to a potent ritual again and again helps us create healthy habits.  Nurturing and sustaining these habits will bring about more fluid process in 2015 and protect us from squandering our precious time.

How do we elevate repetitive everyday acts and recognize them as valid aspects of our process as artists? Everyone has one, something you do to spark momentum. At this time of year it might be useful to appreciate the structures we put in place to facilitate our creative direction. Consider them the architecture or the structure within which the chaos of creativity can run wild. 

Notice the organic rituals that already exist in your practice. Habitual patterns of expressing ourselves create our reality. Hard-wired patterns or habits can help us or hurt us. Spend some time and look at your process and what makes it buoyant.  Do you need to adapt and freshen your practice?

A ritual can be as simple as mindfully sharpening a pencil before standing in front of your easel to draw. Smell the fresh pencil shavings, feel the angle of the knife on the wood, see the long graphite tip, organic and faceted…ready to make its first mark. This is my first mark, my first blog of 2015. What will yours be?

Until next week…stay sharp and make your mark. CREATE.