I like to walk in graveyards. I always have. My pup Captain and I often walk in a beautiful one in Pawtucket. It isn’t fancy with lots of rules like Swan Point in Providence. This one allows dogs and there is a looping path that brings you past the Seekonk River. The views are panoramic from here.

From the high hill on the eastern shore of the river we have seen Blue Heron, Hawks, Eagles and dozens of Swans. We even spotted a coyote running along the shore once. I love it here. In the spring the azaleas cascade down the hill leading to the river in shades of salmon and opera rose. There are even a few plots where Captain has the urge to run in circles at top speed for no apparent reason. Energy spots. 

Depending on the loop we walk, we sometimes come upon this particular gravestone. “PAINTER”. It always takes me off guard…a reminder of my mortality. No time like the present to get to the studio. Until next time, don’t take anything for granted. CREATE.

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