Blue Moon

I recently realized that I had no idea what phase the moon was in. I actually don’t think I’ve been aware of this for months. It startled me because I love the night sky. I have always sort of organically tracked the moon. I like feeling the emptiness and potential of the new moon, the beautiful asymmetry of a waxing gibbous and the energetic power of the full moon.

This weekend out in Truro, my family and I went down to our ocean beach to have a sunset swim. The water was opalescent as it skimmed over the sandbars. When I dove into my first wave, the cool salty water was an elixir, healing my mind and tired body after a hot busy July in the city.

As darkness fell, I looked to the eastern horizon and there she was, rising from a veil of clouds. The blue moon. I was awestruck. As she rose, she cast a blissful golden light on the waves. Moonbeams caressed the beach and a hush fell as we witnessed her magnificence. 

Until next time, watch for the moon at night. Her waxing and waning is a reminder that there is beauty in our darkness and our luminosity. CREATE.

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