At the beginning of the semester I get to meet dozens of new students. Teaching both undergraduate and adult students I get to navigate a variety of age levels and experience. I love the challenge of this and I try to meet people where they are in an often diverse classroom. In any class that I teach, the first few sessions often emphasize that all of this working from observation is not only learning to draw but it is mostly about strengthening SEEING. 

To strengthen seeing one has to slow down and connect. This is often the most difficult thing for students to do. For adult students, I realize that there is perhaps an even greater level of surrender. Surrendering their well established patterns and engrained habits for something different. This process can understandably stir up vulnerability and fear especially when witnessed by a roomful of strangers.

Last week, as my students were introducing themselves and telling why they were taking this class, one adult student said, “I realize that I just have to trust you. Trust that following your teaching will take me somewhere even if it is totally out of my comfort zone.” Wow. 

Trust. What an awesome responsibility I have working with these fabulous humans. They are putting 3 of their precious hours a week in my hands. This is the real deal and I don’t ever take it lightly. Lately in light of our level of distraction, I feel an imperative to help people deepen their creative practice. Beyond trusting me, my hope is that they will ultimately trust their inherent ability to strengthen their perception.

Until next time, try trusting something or someone who seems to be offering a different view. CREATE. 

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