The October Project

The October Project. 

collage oct.JPG

A collage a day for 31 days.

My October Project tethered me to a sort of sanity through ritual and process. Commitment to a daily practice…a practice that demanded noticing, seeing…one spark a day. One thing to interpret simply. Like a haiku instead of an epic poem. Be present.

To impose limitations and boundaries on materials, technique and scale allowed a more fluid process…less variables…so that the subject matter, color and form had their own dance. The song was simple, not too many notes.

This structure and ritual taught me that simplicity isn’t always so simple. That description is a tough hook to loosen. The most spare compositions felt essential in the way the complex ones did not.

Now it’s November. I thought I’d continue a daily collage but I’m tired. It took such stamina. My fear is without the daily promise nothing will occur. How do I find a middle path? Gentleness in discipline. The structure of the daily practice and holding myself to that felt safe. Now that I’m outside that container I feel the haphazard chaos of chance and want to embrace this but fear distraction. 

This month I will experiment and follow the questions that arose with my October collages. What do I remain curious about? What can I leave behind? Found paper, hand-dyed, natural fibers, organic fabrics. Interiors and sewing…neutrals and bigger shapes…windows and light patterns. Also translucent layers, embedded and drawn on. 

But not everyday. When I’m inspired…ritual without structure. Is that possible?

Writing too. Yes. Writing.

Until next time…commit to what you love and ride it until it teaches you what comes next.