Autumn Workshops!

Dear Artists and Friends,

I am excited to announce my Late-Summer & Autumn Workshops.

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(Workshops are geared for adults but artsy teens are welcome.) 


Palette Knife Painting: Clean Color & Sculptural Form: The Long Pose

Saturday September 16th & Sunday September 17th 10am-4pm

Painting the figure with the palette knife helps keep colors clean and sculptural as form is built with color facets. It reduces the tendency to blend and flatten form with muddied colors. Plus there are no solvents, mediums or brushes to clean!  This workshop provides instruction in proper knife use, a limited color palette, mapping the anatomy of the figure and creating an exciting composition. All levels of experience welcome. To register:

Fee: $275 (includes model fee) Location: Pawtucket, RI Studio

Plein Air Painting Retreat on the Outer Cape                                                  

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 22nd, 23rd & 24th



Come spend the autumnal equinox sketching and painting the changing colors of Truro, Wellfleet and Provincetown. Simple meditative hikes will take us to tidal marshes, ocean beaches and the Provinceland dunes to visually explore the landscape at various times of day. Initial emphasis will be put on drawing the inner structure of the landscape, its compositional dynamics as well as the clean, successful use of color. Accumulating sketches and visual data will allow us to build images from the ground up, respecting the anatomy of the painting and the varied topography of surface. Layering and process will create subtleties that imbue the work with a spirit of place.  

Schedule: Friday 2-5pm: Meet & Greet in Truro. 

Orientation and lecture on the limited palette, palette knife painting, constructing form with color, strengthening compositional choices and packing light. 

Saturday 8am-4pm: Plein Air Painting: 2 Locations 

Sunday 8am-12pm: Plein Air Painting. 1-3pm: Critique and discussion.                                          Students of all levels are welcome in any media. Space is limited. (Fee: $400)

To register:


Fearless Abstraction

Saturday and Sunday October 21st & 22nd 10-4pm


Moving beyond representational image making can be daunting. This workshop will provide fun strategies to help evolve your work particularly if you have reached the point of “now what?”. Through a series of drawing and collage exercises we will experiment, pushing beyond habitual image making, exploring new fearless options for picture making in any medium. This workshop will deepen your artistic process and reveal new directions and inspirations. 

All levels of experience welcome. 

To register: 

(Fee: $250. Includes some materials.) Location: Pawtucket, RI Studio


Oil Painting: Composition and Spatial Strategies

Saturday & Sunday November 4th & 5th @ RISD 10-4pm

All aspects of a powerful painting hinge on a carefully considered composition. The design of a painting is as important as the subject matter, and includes the separate elements of color (both value and temperature), shape and space working together to add up to a cohesive whole. You'll learn to identify and establish the all-important point of view, and engage in exercises including making thumbnails and quick color studies to identify direction and value, and work out possible color structures. Use of a viewfinder and learning to crop and frame for maximum visual effect is discussed. Spatial strategies are suggested for helping to create depth. The course includes review of the mechanics of palette set-up, format choices and brush handling. You will work from your thumbnails and studies as you build toward complexity, making adjustments to build a unified painting. Register @  (Fee: $250)


Saturday November 18th 10am-6pm

Come visit my historic mill studio in Pawtucket, RI and see my newest work! 

All paintings and drawings are for sale in a range of sizes and prices.

Hope to see you there!

If you can’t make the opening please call to arrange a studio visit anytime.

Studio: 401-651-6284


Color Theory: The Expressive Application of Color (POSTPONED)

Saturday & Sunday December 2nd & 3rd 10-4pm

Color is magic…until it’s mud. This workshop will introduce techniques to help you navigate color with expressive discipline. After a review of classic color theory, you will have the chance to practice your color perception from observation. We will work with a variety of limited color palettes increasing in chromatic intensity.  You’ll come away with a strengthened ability to navigate color in your own work, regardless of medium. Exercises will be done in gouache, acrylic or oil paint. All levels of experience welcome. 

To register: 

(Fee: $250) Location: Pawtucket, RI Studio

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See you soon! 

My best. Amy